How can you prevent the situation of cyber bullying ? If you are getting cyber bullied it would be best to tell a guardian or teacher so they can help you and stop the cyber bully .If the cyber bully is sending you anything you shouldn'topen it because it will make you feel worse than you already are .Do not erase anything the cyber bully sends you so that you can show a teacher or guardian proof of the cyber bully .Just incase you should NEVER EVER! meet up with anybody you meet online just for protection .If the cyber bully is to threaten you harmfully you should inform a police .If you can block the cyber bully on chat , message on anything their communicating to you with do it if possible .If You know or see anybody who is getting cyber bullied be exta nice to them so they know they at least have someone by their side.Cyber bullying cant affect so many people in so may kind if ways . Always choose kind !